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ARTICLES WANTED! Do you want to become the next Pulitzer Winner?

Are you already member of ten students associations but your feel the need of doing even more at the College?

Jokes aside, if you enjoy writing about the EU or about any other topic, or if you just want to share a story with the Arendt Community, La Voix du Collège is here for you to help you raise your "voice"!

Any contribution is appreciated in general, but we will call for articles on more punctual occasions when we release our editions ( the first one being on WALLS - 30 YEARS AFTER THE FALL OF THE BERLIN WALL, coming out soon ! ). 

Of course, if you want to write about a topic that may not fit the mentioned categories or sections, go ahead and do not hesitate to send it to us! We want La Voix du Collège to be in constant construction and evolution.

Suggested wordcount

- News: 500 words
- Academia : about 1000 words
- Opinion: 500 - 1.000 words
- Creative writing: 1.200
- L'esprit du Collège (College and Brugges lifestyle): 500 - 1.000 words
- Students' associations: 500 words

For any student association that would want to present its team and program for the year, do not hesitate to send us a short presentation, we would be happy to publish it ! 

Working languages

We are calling for articles which are written in English and French, as these are the official working languages of the College, BUT we are also open to articles in other languages as to represent the language diversity that we are lucky to have at the College ! 



Please send your articles to .

Looking forward to reading your articles, 

Yours sincerely,

The Editorial Team of La Voix du Collège

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