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Hereby we present to you the Arendt editorial team of La Voix du Collège for this academic year ! 

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Mélanie Carrère-Fontana, Editor in Chief and News Section

Hélène Court-Fortunaz, Academia section and Communiciation manager

Héloïse Bertin, Review Editions

Thibault Lechevallier-Déléris, Academia section

Rebecca Froment, Culture and Sport Section

Justus Kiikeri, Opinions section

Marlen Pezzetta, Life at the College section

Roman Mauroschat, Sponsorships

Clara Muller, News Section and Review Editions

Barış Sadıç, Opinions section

Nora Shohayeb, Academia section

Hereunder you can discover all the members of the team!

Barış : 

A translation and interpreting studies graduate who found himself pursuing a master's degree in European politics, because why not? A language enthusiast with an insatiable thirst for reading, from shampoo bottle instructions to scientific articles and Lovecraftian horror stories. A firm believer in international dialogue and collaboration against rising nationalism and stubborn ignorance. Editor of the Opinions section alongside Justus.

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