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All I want for Christmas is EU - Editorial

by Laura Mora, Marta Ubeda and Paolo Recaldini

Introductory weeks, the opening ceremony, courses and compact seminars, extra-curricular activities, exams… time flies when you are having fun (or not!). And here is our last editorial of 2018!

The first semester has already finished, but its memories remain fresh in our minds. We still vividly remember the first time we arrived in Dijver back in September, nervous like children on the first day of school, curious about what studying at the College of Europe might be like, and wondering if we would find new friends for life. After three months, it seems we have known each other for a long, long time. We already feel like these friendships could last forever.

Christmas is the best period to enjoy time with our loved ones, to be grateful for everything we have, to think about everything that took place in the past year and about everything that is yet to come. For us, who made it through a stressful exam session, Christmas is, surely, the best reward possible.

This December the heart of Europe suffered again from an attack during this joyful season: we all remained shocked by this act of violence, and we strongly condemn it. The attack of Strasbourg let us think once more: peace should be a long-term goal, and not an exception. The memory of the victims is always with us during these festivities and the values of a united and peaceful Europe guide us into the new year with new resolutions.

Family and friends, both close and far away, are always in hour hearts and Christmas is a very precious occasion to enjoy their company. We are very glad for the time we can spend together and we remember that Christmas is not as much about opening our presents as opening our hearts.

We also think about all the refugees who try to reach European coasts in search for a safer life and better opportunities. In spending our holidays with our beloved ones, we are reminded that everybody deserves to spend their holidays with their families in a safe place. We hope that our politicians will find concrete and effective solutions to this unjust situation in 2019. Indeed, the spirit of Christmas is the spirit of love, of generosity, and of goodness.

In this special season, we look beyond our busy lives, focusing more on people than on objects.

Lastly, we know that 2019 will be a challenging year for us, with new classes, new deadlines and endless job applications. In May, the citizens of Europe will decide on the EU’s path for the upcoming years, with a crucial electoral process that – we hope – will give the EU much-needed strength and unity for facing all the challenges ahead.

In these holidays, enjoy the well-deserved downtime, get some sleep, eat some real food (no, we will not miss repas froid during the break) and get ready because the best is yet to come! Above all, we are grateful because from now on we have a new family: the College of Europe community.

ALDE reminds us what is important this Christmas

See you in 2019, with many more stories to share; we will be here, ready to continue being your voice.

Merry Christmas and a very happy new year.

Lots of love,

The Team of La Voix du Collège

All I want for Christmas is EU - Issue n. 3, 24 December 2018


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