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Updated: Oct 23, 2018

The Team behind La Voix du Collège is proud to announce that we have finally made it! We have a website, we have our social media websites all set up, and we have plenty of ideas to share.

We are ready to take off on this adventure!

La Voix du Collège is the newspaper of the Marineros Community, aka the 2018-19 Manuel Marín promotion at the College of Europe. If you enjoy reading about the EU, or you are simply interested in following the life of the College, this is the right place. Here, you can keep up with the latest gossi and news at the College, and even raise your "voice" by submitting an article proposal.

Stay tuned for the launch of the first edition of the renewed La Voix du Collège!

But first... What is La Voix du Collège? It is the newspaper of the College. Since many students were missing the presence of a newspaper, we decided to launch it again in a new format. For the first time, we are going digital! However, in order to keep up with the well-established tradition, we are also going to launch some printed editions for special events. We want La Voix to be constantly evolving.

What will you find in La Voix du Collège?

  • News: the latest information about global issues

  • Academia: articles and contribution by students on specific themes

  • Opinion articles on various topics

  • This time I vote: special coverage of the European Elections

  • Creative writing by our beloved classmates

  • L'esprit du Collège, on the life at the College and Brugge lifestyle

  • Contributions by student associations

  • ...and much more

Stay tuned!

The Team of LVdC


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