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European Dream

Updated: Oct 23, 2018

by Simone Possenti (EU International Relations and Diplomacy - Manuel Marín Promotion)

Europa velificans (mosaic, Zeugma Mosaic Museum)

Phoenician princess or queen of empires

so far from the story we aim to write,

whether the world becomes what we describe

the small domain of Japheth can be more

than a triangle in a Beatine map, as war

shall rive siblings into graveyards nevermore.

There – is the oneiric power

cleaving body from soul, Aristotelian psyches

waiting for the geometry of possibilities

on Galilei’s kinematics double-faced medal.

That – is the state of mind

parting nation from identity, particle trajectories

wondering in a circle of stars, where nobody is

at home everyone can build this common room.

Chasing unity in diversity

even against the blind hatred of the unbelievers

‘cause we aren’t worshippers but blacksmiths.

From the top of the stake and condemnation, we

will know how to shout with pride: “Ode to Joy”.

Single-mindedness is the past

whilst unique definitions don’t belong to us

as we all wear multiple Pirandellian masks

et l’on sait qui on est : humanity before borders.

Awaken now, for what we embody

change in this changing reality – ought to go

beyond preachers and false saints of selfishness.

Awaken now, to act the script we

need to happen: defeat competition monsters

to show the Rhine and Danube bridges.

Solidity and solidarity are twins

imperishable diamonds we stored in centuries

and change requires recklessness

to set precious foundations for the metaphysics

of continental ties, where She is no sovereign

princess or queen but mother.

Potentials of infinity held by the dream

it’s time for new demiurges.

New Beginnings - Issue n. 1, 22 October 2018


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