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Play hard, work harder - Editorial

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

by Marta Ubeda and Laura Mora

Play hard, work harder or... was the other way around?

We have taken a well-deserved break, but we are back!!

Welcome to the first edition of La Voix du Collège in 2019. We relaunched this project with love and excitement last September, and we were able to publish three beautiful and exciting editions following our desire to be “your voice”, thanks to many amazing contributions from the Marineros and your thriving positive feedback.

A few weeks ago, our team gathered, once more, in the chill atmosphere of the cozy study room of Oude Zak to brainstorm about how we wanted to keep this project going, and for this first edition of 2019, we came up with a really fashionable theme for this “compact” edition: “Work hard, play hard”.

Indeed, we are in a period new beginnings and resolutions. We are back in Bruges after spending quality time with our families and friends back home and ready to rock again. Nonetheless, we have arrived to the period of starting of the hunt for a future internship or job.

In this sense, the other day Laura and I were discussing with our host family about job interviews and application processes and something pretty interesting was brought up in the conversation. -“If you are not selected is not because you are not good enough. It is because they were looking for something else.” – firmly stated our host mum, who has worked her whole life in human resources.

This brought us to an important realization in these exciting/scary times of job searching. Indeed, we all have a dream job in our minds. The thing is that Rome was not built in one day. Therefore, we need to learn how to face interviews and job applications but also how to assimilate a negative response by having present that it means that that was not the position we belonged in.

As we told you in one of our past editorials, keep always in mind that you have achieved a lot until now. After all, you are in the College for that reason. Therefore, wherever we end up next year, even if it is not “our dream job”, we should feel blessed about it: we will be working for an employer who will choose us among many others because we will be what they are looking for, because that is the place we have to be in that right moment.

This road does not have an end, but on the contrary, it is a never-ending journey. Preparation is key, every experience adds up, and what matters is to learn to enjoy the path and every single of its parts. So… Courage, good luck and remember: the harder you work, the harder you will be able to play during the way! ;-)


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