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Patisserie & Boulangerie Schaeverbeke

When assignments and deadlines at the College become all too many and you may just need something to cheer you up, do visit this nearby bakery and pastry shop on a small picturesque square and taste any of the delicacies they make fresh every day: numerous kinds of wholesome bread, scrumptious home-made Belgian pancakes, exquisite cakes and pastries, truffles and much more. Chantal - the owner - will greet you warmly in Dutch or French and you are likely to find yourself enticed to come back again. The sweet scent of freshly-baked bread is not only mouth-watering but it can also - as a scientific study argues - make you kinder to strangers.

Patisserie & Boulangerie Schaeverbeke

2 Schaarstraat, 8000, Brugge


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