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Purpose, Discovery, Ascension. Collection of 3 pieces

by Brendan Rooney (European Legal Studies – Manuel Marín Promotion)

Sonnet 22


Surging red streaks chasing dim, fading stars,

Fluttering, flitting along ancient scars.

Buoyant, carefree, lively and smiling wry,

Observing glamours, glories, fortunes, fame.

Perhaps a fleeting glance, a flash goodbye,

Picking, grabbing at choices all the same.

A brewing storm where a lone shadow stands,

On charred, scorched earth 'neath the harsh, baking sky.

Even maimed, step after step safely lands,

Till' purpose regained and our day comes nigh.

The remnants of stories once told and gone,

With crimson dreams on the horizon dawn.

Sonnet 28


Comme individus on se rassemble,

Pour trouver la route seul et ensemble.

D'être à la fois, parfait et adroit,

Sur le chemin d'ór qui me méne à toi.

Alors, la formule de ce choix précis,

Reste toujours inexcte, indécise.

Quelle honte que la vérité absolue,

Peut être cachée par l'histoire méconnue.

Obscur dans l'ombre, le courage des tiers,

Qui donne leur force lorsque on oublie nos hiers.

La vie existe pour la conquérir,

D'abord, il faut qu'on aille tout découvrir.


Rocky admonitory crevices either side, not to the cavern downwards, but upwards, bursting through to land on rich green topped soil, freedom! Warm, happy tears roll down at the mere thought of such a feat. Taking in surroundings, the beauty of each solitary, growing, green blade of grass and there, on a single strand, lies a lone droplet leaning heavily, clear tugging on emerald as the drop edges closer to the earth, descending and collapsing in a resounding tiny splosh and the blade quivers back into place, violently and then softly and then still.

Every petal of every lilac and indigo covered bloom where a few are so many that a few become a flurry which become a volley, a joyous, flawless dance, pirouetting and twirling, encircling until they overwhelm.

Absorbing the golden, glowing sun, greeting its warmth in individual rays, embracing each as if old friends long since missed although a longing realised only upon meeting. Arrived to this moment for the last streaks of orange to disappear behind overlapping, rolling green hills and the expanse of chestnut-brown forests.


The crystallisation of this eclipse, instantaneous with the encroaching shrouds of darkness, alights a fierce, fiery, scaled beast, majestic and regal, skimming over an infinite turquoise screen, calm and serene, its piercing, sapphire, jaded eyes surveying. Arching up, vertically soaring, no being capable of hindering its flight nor hiding from its sight, ascending the interwoven layers of white and grey and black and shattering the skies, a blazing path from its light.

Finishing, and twisting downwards, no longer in flight but plummeting, a rapid, spinning, limitless, rotating descent from the heavens before gliding, drifting, its wings strafing over and witnessing chaos, merging seamlessly with it.

Torrential, pelting rainfall and howling winds screeching, ripping everything within their grasp, a typhoon of cataclysmic power, resolute in its wrath, labouring forth, carrying carnage, its purpose neither the destruction nor the devastation it wroughts but the temptation of annihilation, a provocation.

Its crescendo built and the tempo reached, challenging the earth, an action demanding a response, opposite but equal in might, unyielding, unconscious, single-minded in its resolve, a sole intent to confront.

Shaking, tremoring, a built-up roaring, the lands fracture, their fault lines smashed with an eruption from the earth, a world erupted, smothered in volcanic fire and ash. Brother and sister, the oceans crash and clamour support, dangerous swirling waters at the apex, the swift ferocity ruthless and rupturing the oceans, an identical breach matching that of the earth, a balanced power between giants to clash the heavens, until a deep shadow moves from the depths below.

Disturbed from its slumber, arisen the ancient, relentless, archaic creature of time. Every movement monotonous and monstrous, an appetite ravenous and of incessant thirst, its knowledge all and infinite, a destiny tied to merely existing as such is so great that it need not aspire more.

The eternal behemoth emerges and ascends, defying the power of a thousand electrical storms raging, the culmination of this fury gathered in a crystal white-blue thundering blindness striking the kraken as the kraken consumes, a momentary vision but seared permanently forever as an effervescent, crackling scar.


And I am thrown to the void, a nova, a force moving beyond reality and imagination to the extent that the metaphysical becomes a small speck in my periphery, all that remains from all the heights I have transcended, an amusing last flicker in my thoughts before they vanish too as everything else has before them.

It begins with a small shimmer, my eyes, they too begin to glimmer and I am pulsing, suddenly spiralling through all that I have ever known and everything that I have wondered could be. It is black on white chasing downwards and yet, I am with everything as it transforms and is re-forming. There is no grey, no in-between, there is no room for such in these absolutes, only what is and what is not, and it is all both but never half or partial and it is always absolute.

It is pitch black as I am enveloped and emerge anew somehow the same while knowing nothing will ever be the same again. As no one is even aware of my nirvana, there is simply the inexistent, deafening, distant, all-consuming, raucousious, maniacal laughter as I clutch to whatever last strands of my sanity remain.

The more, the merrier - Issue n. 2, 9 November 2018


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