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Student Reps interviews: ECO

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

Find below the interview of one of the Student representatives of the Eco department: Giulia Scammacca del Murgo (European Economic studies)!

Giulia Scammacca del Murgo (right on the picture)

LVC: How was your life before College?

Giulia: Before the College, I was actually in Africa, doing an internship at the GIZ, the German Cooperation in a project in public finance. And before that, I was doing a master’s degree in Policy Economics in the Netherlands.

LVC: Share us your secret passion!

Giulia: So I don’t have only one because I like to do a lot of things. For example, I really like to do marathons. It’s really fun! I’m not particularly fast, it’s just something I like to do because it’s an endurance challenge and highly motivating.I also play the flute since the age of twelve.

LVC: What’s the most important fight for you this year?

Giulia: What I want to do for my department and more generally for all the students is to develop further the career service offer. So spreading information, giving an overview of timelines in order not to forget the important deadlines, having more frequent advertisement for job offers or improving the platform are some of the things that could bring some improvement. It is also about getting easier direct access to potential employers. For instance, for the economics department the possibility of doing trainings in consultancies, at the Commission or the Central Bank could give us more of a practical approach on how to apply what we learn along with useful contacts for when we will start applying for jobs and traineeships.

LVC: What is a good student rep in your opinion?

Giulia: In my opinion, a good student rep’ is someone who doesn’t make promises that he or she cannot keep. It’s someone who is able to find quick solutions, while at the same time managing the long-term ones. It’s someone who is present and can get along with all the students of his department: people should have the confidence to speak with their student rep’ about all academic problems.

LVC: Do you want to add anything?

Giulia: I think that we are a very good team this year. I feel like all student reps are really engaged and that’s a good basis for achieving ambitious goals. But at the end it’s all a collaboration between the student reps and the students to identify problems and work together to find solutions.


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