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The European Security and Defence Network is back for its third year in a row

by Quinty de Nobel and Pablo Padín Pérez

The European Security and Defence Network (ESDN) has engaged students from the College in security and defence-related topics since it was founded by the Veil promotion two years ago. Seeing how interested many students are, we wanted to keep this great tradition going and are proud to present this year’s ESDN!

This academic year promises to be exciting for those following these fields, as the new Commission will engage more strongly in defence. More specifically, the ESDN will keep a close eye on events surrounding the development of a DG for Defence Industry and Space.

The 2019-2020 ESDN team

What can you expect from us this year?

· Monthly (short) papers in the field of security and defence, written by ESDN’s members. Keep an eye out for articles on amongst others CSDP missions, intelligence, inclusive security and the NPT conference. Make sure to follow our Facebook page, so you won’t miss out on any of them. Here, we also share weekly security and defence updates. All the more reason to take a quick look!

· The organisation of visits to institutions and agencies such as the European Defence Agency and SHAPE (Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe) in the second semester

· A common calendar of interesting events and conferences on security and defence-related topics

· The organisation of small and easily accessible events, such as an alumni event with previous members, student presentations and a roundtable with security and defence professionals

· Last but not least, a thesis support group for those writing their thesis on a security or defence-related topic

In short, plenty to look forward to. You are interested, but haven’t you found us yet? Feel free to contact us via our Facebook page or shoot any of us a message!


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