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The "Spirit of the College" Twitter initiative

Updated: Oct 23, 2018

Sebastien Willemart (EU International Relations and Diplomacy - Manuel Marín Promotion)

The “Spirit of the College” Twitter initiative has been created by the Manuel Marín Promotion of the College of Europe to bring together the thoughts and analytical perspectives of current College students on EU affairs. This community of great minds, while always thinking critically and analytically, is open to and looking forward to the future of Europe. It engages directly with EU officials and practitioners. It helps to make decision-makers accountable, de-mystifying the EU through a holistic perspective that combines legal, economic, political and diplomatic insights. It is, ultimately, an interactive tool to enhance dialogue and stimulate debate.

It is now made up of 30 brains, a figure that is likely to increase with time. Share it if you want to give the College of Europe visibility, to spread information and to provide EU policy analysis that can influence the future of Europe!

Feel welcome in our ranks: contributing to critical thinking is the key to building tomorrow together. =>

New Beginnings - Issue n. 1, 22 October 2018


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